The beach of bricks and mortar, a collection of work based on Cardiff's Coastline, Splott Beach.

Cardiff School of Art and Design Summer Degree Show 2019,  Artist: Designer Maker

The beach of bricks and mortar is a result of Cardiff’s industrial revolution. The beach in the city that found it’s glory in the coal and carbon industries. Industries that ran the dross out into the ocean. Splott Beach holds an archive of materials that have been dumped, poured and even washed a shore. This project focuses on these materials, using them as a source of inspiration and basis for making art. It brings Splott Beach to an audience. I want people to see the toll the carbon industry has had on the local area and to think about this on a larger scale. That of a world that now is built upon carbon industries that continue to pollute the planet.

© rhiannon rees williamson. 

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