Cardiff Grounds 'Nuclear' Soup

A short film about how actions have consequences

This year National Resources Wales licensed EDF energy to dump mud from Hinkley Point C, a nuclear power station run by EDF energy. There has been uncertainty on whether this mud is contaminated by the nuclear power station hinkley point C. NRW Wales have said that the mud meets the international standards for mud disposal and is safe to dump.

The consequences of dumping 300, 000 tones of mud directly effect the local ecological systems both marine and on land. It is questionable to go ahead with the dumping when no specific environmental impact assessment was run for the Cardiff Grounds. So, the impact of our local environment was not properly assessed. Before you act you must consider how your actions effect you and those around you, both human and non human.. Ecological well being is more important than ever. We should not pollute the waters.

Featuring Myself, Corey Bowen-Davis and Janine Stephenson and the Bowl. 

Thank you to Annie Fenton for Filming and Chapel Restaurant for use of the space. 

© rhiannon rees williamson. 

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