These parody beach postcards are addressed to Local Members of Parliament. 


activist art / environmentalist art / site specific / community engaged art 


The postcards are a tongue and cheek play on the idea of Cardiff’s ‘beach’ as a tourist attraction, which in fact the beach is far from it. The photographs of Splott beach bring to light a forgotten and hidden place, that is a reminder of the way natural environments are used to dump our waste. At Splott beach you can see what is usually hidden away from the city centre. The other side of urban life, where the waste goes and how it is polluting the environment. 


It is not to blame the city for its past, but to prompt the local government into action to make Cardiff a more ecological and greener city for now and the future. 

The idea for these activist postcards was prompted by the climate emergency that Cardiff declared in May 2019. I felt a need for my project to reach out further, and make a call to action and change. After a conversation with local writer Dic Mortimer, who's writings on Splott beach can been found on his blog. I was recommended to listen to Des Fitzgerald's walk on Splott beach on BBC Sounds. Des Fitzgerald reads a postcard he has written about Splott Beach, you can listen here: 


© rhiannon rees williamson. 

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